These days, parents have so many different choices of children’s furniture and different décor elements. This can make designing or choosing a concept tough. When you finally settle on a concept it can be tough to find a quality product to fit the concept as you envision it. One of the most sought-after designs on the market is a race car bed. Kids all over the world look up to different car racers, everyone from Lewis Hamilton to Dom TorettoSuperCarBeds has a perfect car bed for any little racer.

Our beds are not just for little racers either we have plenty of options for your imaginative little princesses and princes to choose from. Allow your child’s imagination to run wild in our pirate ship beds and carriages. Our police and firetruck themed beds lets kids explore different career paths early on.

So many options can be overwhelming so we made a list of the top 10 Car beds This year!

GT1 Car Bed – European influenced racing bed with opening doors and leather seats is really cool car for kids who dream of driving his father’s car. ???? Remote controlled functions allow your child to control sounds and headlights at the same time. Now they have their own dream car in their room!

Princess Carriage – Don’t you believe your little princess deserves to have a personal carriage? Even if you don’t, I bet she does! Our carriage looks like it is right out of a story book it’s fantastic pink color and mosquito net make it super cozy. The carriage also comes with a castle themed dresser. Be a real-life HERO and get this bed for your child.

Pirate Ship Bed– Adventure never ends with this bed! Your kids are ready to be captain of their own ship! With this bed, you can find very cool accessories for pirate kids’ room such as carpets, wallpapers and flags.

Spyder Car Bed – amazing Italian luxury car inspired design for kids for kids! This model is different from other beds with its side headlights. Very eye catching!