The sleek and attractive appearance of our Racing Car Beds get children excited about bedtime.

Children have imaginations that can run wild. As a parent you want to alleviate all your children’s fears. Car Beds take the focus away from the boogeyman and boost self-confidence. Our Beds are equipped with lights to melt away your children’s fears and lifelike soundtracks to scare the monsters out from under the bed! Gone are the days of midnight visits from your little ones, spend more uninterrupted nights with your partner.

Just like a child’s imagination Super Car Beds bring fantasy to real life. Your little car lover will soon be racing away from super villains and saving the world all from the comfort of their bedroom. After a long day of being a superhero they will fall asleep peacefully in their new favorite hangout.

Some of the themed beds are designed for smaller children, many also come in a double bed size.  The double bed is roomier and much better for accommodating teenagers.