City-X Car Beds BMW Car bed Model

City-X BMW car bed is the best-sale design in europe kidsfurniture sectorwith real  car   design, special stickers , headlights and 5 functional sounds on it.

Madebyhighestquality of plastic that does not include cancer risk for human body, Also 12V DC electronic system can not harm children. There are two main advantage of BMW car bed ;

1.)    It has an affordable price that same quality and material with expensive ones. High price is not mean quality! You can buy a City-X BMW car bed and make your children happy by spending less Money. This model has the same equipments as the other ones.

2.)    BMW car bed model has a plastic system which is  the the most safety product for little kids    and can lift 300 kg weight total.  It protects children to fall down or breaking th bed.


Let’s de side to happy your child and control his/her sleeping hours, keep away from watching TV in the nights. You can see BMW model on supercarbeds with 4 main colour selection which is red, White, black and blue!