Pirate Ship Beds are gained popularity in children’s room due to the increase in movies about pirates’ fantastic adventures and their uniquely good looks. They have become a frequent favorite for parents and kids alike. You can find every product you need on our site to create a pirate themed bedroom for your little one. The products are made with the highest quality materials to both provide a beautiful appearance and space for your child to relax. Both are important for your children to sleep soundly. Pirate themed bedroom, creates an atmosphere where children love to spend time. Their room transforms into an entertainment center. This benefits the child by facilitating a regular sleep schedule and providing comfortable place to relax.

From Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean to Pirate Ship Beds

The famous Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies remains a beloved character that kids all over the world immediately recognize. Pirates of the Caribbean ignited a long-lost love for pirate culture. Many kids were left yearning to get a piece of the action on the big screen. Here at SuperCarBeds we have everything you need to transform your children’s room into a swash buckling paradise.

Pirate Beds

Our Pirate Ship beds are made from safe ABS thermoplastic; the same material used for medical beds. Our beds are structurally sound, impact resistant and super lightweight. Perfect for kids with large imaginations.

Pirate Student Desk

Your children will fall in love with our unique pirate themed desk.

Pirate Wardrobe

Our wardrobe features spacious compartments and functional design equipped with automatic LED lights. All you have to do is open the doors!

Pirate Bookcase

Another product of the pirate series, the bookcase provides convenience with both a shelf and cabinet. It is a great standout piece and the wood finishes look natural.